Friday, November 14, 2008

Mini Medallion Tutorial

I have had three people say that they either can not open or do not like to see video for tutorials, they want something they can print. Well just for you guys, here is a mini tutorial of what Becca had on her video. You will need to start with two circles cut the exact same size. One is on the card stock you plan to use and one on regular computer paper. Set aside your card stock one for now.

Begin with your computer paper circle and fold it in half, making a good crease.

Next you will unfold it and fold it again in the opposite directions leaving you with four even pie shaped scored pieces. Unfold again. This is a picture of the fold

and this is what it will look like at this point. See the two score lines and four sections.

Now you will fold it again cutting two of those four pieces in half again. You can see the score lines on my picture for reference.

Unfold and do it one more time to create eight equal pie shaped scored pieces.
See photo below.

Now for the brilliant part. You will lay your scored circle on top of the back side of your card stock circle. Fold you paper in half as shown below.

Use a pencil or pen to draw a line along the fold. See below.

Next, without picking up your scored paper carefully unfold and then fold on one of the other lines. See next two pictures for reference.

You will continue to do this until you have all of the sore lines transferred to your card stock circle.

This is what the back of your circle will look like now.

Now for the fun part. Find one of those corner punches that have the removable guides.

And remove the guide so that you have a punch that will punch on an edge instead of a corner.

Line up your punch in between your pie shapes and punch. You will continue to do this all the way around your circle.

When you are done if you are lucky your inside will just fall out. I was not lucky this time, lol. If yours does not fall out you will have to use your paper snips to cut the tiny pieces. You do not have to be too careful as this is such a pretty design that it really doesn't not show up if you are not exact.

Now remove your middle piece, which by the way is pretty cool looking too-- would be a very interesting mat for another image.

And now you have your finished medallion frame. You can embellish as desired.

Again, I thank Becca for this awesome idea.