Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sweet Treats Snowman Test tube and hot cocoa holder--tutorial.

Here is an adorable little gift that is so easy to make and cute too! Someone posted these adorable snowman test tubes they purchased last year at a specialty shop and I thought I would re-create them and turn them into a project for this month's clubs. It just so happens that I participated in a test tube bulk buy for a different project but I needed the tubes to be bigger so this is what I am doing with them now--some of them anyway!

The test tubes are filled with tiny mint candies from Wilton--found with wedding stuff. I then painted the face on the tube with acrylic paint. And the cute little hat is the finger of a toddler glove! Just cut the finger off and roll the edge. Too easy. Of course the scarf is made with ribbon. Here is the directions for the hot cocoa holder.

Start with a 10 by 8 inch piece of card stock. Score down both long sides at 3/4 inch and then across the short side at 6 and 6 3/4 . See the photo below. You will also need to cut the little score marks in the middle. Again check the photo. On my sample I rounded the top two corners too.
After you have painted your snowman tube and he is dry, lay him in position on the holder and use a scrap of matching card stock to make a strip that will hold the tube in place and keep it from falling over or turning around. See next two pictures.

Finally I added a background piece of DP and then attached the side with sticky strip.

Decorate the front as desired. Here is another sample--my first sample so the top corners are a bit different and the face on the snowman is done with sharpie markers. No quite as bold. I like the paint better.

I'd love to see your version of this. I thing it would be cute to have a whole row of the snowmen with different things in them such as flavored creamers, sprinkles for cookies etc.....

Have a great weekend.
Mary Jo

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Robin Rouch said...

MaryJo....I lovelovelove this...what a cute way to package something warm and comforting! I also just wanted to thank you for your site...I just LOVE to click on and get the added treat of wonderful worship music and inspirational phrases and quotes! Sometimes I just leave it on for a bit, even after I'm done looking, just cause it helps me remember to thank our Creator for the awesome gifts He gives us everyday...YOU being one of them for me! Thanks so much for sharing your talents and heart-gifts! Robin Rouch

lisa808 said...

Adorable! Love the idea. tfs

Catherine Kraft said...

What a cute gift idea. Where do you purchase the test tubes??? I've really enjoyed your blog and I also enjoy your inspirational site - not only in creativity, but in your testimony.