Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do you have a Grad to celebrate?

This week on Latenightstampers  (aactually the next two weeks since the challenges are running for two weeks over the summer.) the challenge is Party Time!  What better reason to PARTY than to celebrate someone's graduation?!  This fun origami type card has been around the internet for years but it is a fun one and much easier now that we have the diagonal score board!  Our school colors are Maroon and White as you can probably figure from the photos below...

I love that it holds a gift card or money!  So fun and easy too!

Here are some quick directions for making this fun card.
 Begin with a piece of card stock that is 9 3/4" by 4 1/4" .  With the regular score board (straight lines) place you card stock so that the 9 3/4" edge runs along the top of the score board.  Score from top to bottom at 5 1/2"   Now you will want to change you scoreboard to the diagonal board.  Again lay your  card stock so that the 9 3/4" edge runs along the top of the score board.  Score from the 2 1/8" mark straight down until you are off the paper--this line will cross over the straight line you did before.  Flip the card stock over so that the opposite 9 3/4" edge runs along the top of the score board and do the same score from the 2 1/8" mark.  Now you will change your card stock so that the 4 1/4" edge is at the top of the card and score from the 2 1/8" mark again.  This line be from the center of the top and come down to meet the first score line.  Flip the card stock to get the same score on the opposite side. You card stock should now look like the image below.  You will cut out the grey areas and then fold on all scorelines until it lays like shown in the above pictures.  Clear as mud???  Probably should do a picture or video tutorial but I am betting there are tons out there is you need to see them.  Just Google Grad Origami card. Click on image below to make it bigger. 

After your card is folded you will need a square piece of card stock for the hat layer that is 2 3/4" square--and the insert is 4" by 3"--be sure to only attach the insert on the two sides and the bottom so you can insert money or gift card.
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2dogs2luv said...

thanks for the idea, as I'm in need of 1 more card.

Create with Bev said...

Love this fancy fold. I am casing this for my class. Thanks!!

Create with Bev said...

Love this layout. Thanks for sharing. I will be casing this for a fancy fold.