Sunday, February 18, 2018

Looking for Creative Friends

Friends who are searching for something new--something fun--a way to help your family financially--a chance to spend time with other innovative people who understand YOU and encourage you at all times.

Join my tribe of fun loving creative people who love to share and encourage others to succeed in whatever it is THEY WANT to succeed at. Positive, motivated business minded women empowering each other in every way possible.
Let me answer a few of the most common questions that I always get when people consider joining my team–For me, building a downline (see below) is all about having a TEAM, a TRIBE, a group of people who become Demonstrators because they love the product, love stamping and just want more of it in their lives. Whether someone wants to become a Demonstrator because they want a discount, because they want to earn all the benefits that Stampin' Up! offers or whether they want to offer their own products (yes, see below for that, too!) using Stampin' Up! as their materials provider, there are a zillion ways being a “demo” can be an income producer and a blast!
Let's get started!
The first question I am most often asked is “How much does it cost?'. A Starter Kit, complete with $125.00 of merchandise  of your choice, catalogs, order forms and other business supplies, costs only $99 AND it has FREE shipping!  NOTE: During Sale-A-Bration, now through March 31, you will get to choose two additional stamp sets absolutely free with your kit! (That's an added value of up to $104 depending on what you choose!) You can also get your Starter Kit absolutely FREE with Stampin' Rewards!
If you decide to continue beyond your first full quarter, you will need to purchase a minimum of $300 a quarter – not a month – through your account. These can be orders customers place, order you place for your own stash, gift orders you place, Paper Pumpkin subscriptions – really anything other than business supplies. You can drop at any time with no penalty and if you try it and decide it's not for you, I guarantee we will stay stamping buddies!
The next question I get asked is “Can I really make money at this?”. The answer is YES! Absolutely. How much you make will, of course, depend on how much time you devote to it but you can have a burgeoning business like I do or you can make just enough to support your own purchases, and anything in between. You can earn money on commissions on your sales (the percentage increases as your sales grow), you can earn money on your volume rebates and downline performance, you can earn money by offering classes for fees and you can sell your finished products. Provided you follow the rules (which are fair), you can do whatever you want to earn money using Stampin' Up! products. In addition, through sales and recruiting (see below), you can earn Flex Points which you can use for all sorts of things like crafting products from the catalogs, fun branded items, all sorts of tech, gift cards AND the mac-daddy of them all, an AWESOME trip! Demonstrators have been treated to places like Fiji, the Mediterranean, Thailand, this year we are going on a luxurious cruise to Alaska…..and it's a FABULOUS experience! And those Flex Points are on TOP of your earnings!
Next people always want to know “Do I have to recruit?” Anyone you sign up under your name is considered your downline. Your downline will look to you for guidance and support and in turn, you can earn percentages of their sales every quarter. If you decide you want to have a traditional Stampin' Up! business at some time you will want to look at this part of the compensation program and start offering the opportunity to people. But it is NOT mandatory to recruit so if you decide that you aren't at all interested in that part of the program, it is absolutely OK with skipping it. I have to warn you, though; people LOVE Stampin' Up! so at some point someone is probably going to ask about it!
If I decide to hold events, how will I know what to do?” Well, first, you will have me as your awesome upline!  Our group loves to share ideas and work together as a team to help each other be successful! And Stampin' Up! provides TONS of inspiration and instruction. There's the six-times-a-year magazine Stampin' Success, filled with projects and ideas you can do right then and there. There's Stampin' Connection, a whole site of nothing but questions, answers, advice and ideas from other demos. There's the Demonstrator Only Facebook Group that has a constant stream of support. You will get a weekly email from Stampin' Up! with creative suggestions. And there's the Demonstrator Website where you can find anything and everything you need to know about being a demo. Trust me, you will be deciding what NOT to do instead of looking for WHAT to do.
Believe it or not, once we get this far into the conversation, they next thing people want to know is “Where can I sign up?!?!” It's super easy, you can do it online here and I would LOVE to welcome you to my team if this is something you would like to try.
Have questions that aren't covered in this FAQ about being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator?  Simply ask!  Email me, and let's get the conversation started.  You will rapidly learn on this call that I am not at all a high pressure person, this decision is 100% yours and I respect your time in calling me.  If it is right for you, great!  If it isn't, that’s ok too!

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