Monday, May 14, 2018

Make it and Mail it Monday--a sad one.

It  is with a heavy heart that I create today.  I am so sadden by all the wonderful, bright and  talented people who are losing their lives to overdose!  I am sick to death of it, Friday was the fourth funeral  I have been to to say goodbye to someone way too soon.

With tears in my eyes this day after Mother's day  I am creating a card for a friend who just lost her beautiful  daughter to this horrible epidemic.  When will it stop?

The colors for Overdose Awareness are purple and silver along with a butterfly, hence my card for today's Make it and Mail it Monday....

here is the inside of the card.  

I am so sad about how many times  I have used this Ribbon of Courage set.

It is one I will need to hold on to as it seems that each and every day I hear of another person who has cancer or has been taken by overdose. So sad--seems that we should be able to stop both of these things--especially cancer with all the money and time spent on it. Prayers that solutions and cures will be found SOON.

2 nice people left a comment:

Marianne B in AZ said...

I'm so sorry you had to make this card. I did not know that the ribbon and butterfly together had a specific meaning. Your card is very beautiful and I know it will touch the heart of the parents .

Debi said...

This is so beautiful, and thank you for sharing awareness for this awful epidemic. I live in a small rural community, and last week a group had a "highway clean up day". In one small area they collected 6 used syringes, a crack pipe, and other drug paraphernalia. It is everywhere, and saddens me.