Thursday, September 13, 2007

Does anyone else love Maxine

It seems that I am always dieting. I go up and down by 15 pounds all the time. So when I seen these two Maxine clips they just struck me as OH SO TRUE. The first will tell you why I am always up and down: because I really enjoy a huge greasy burger -- the kind that drips grease when you eat it and I want lots of cheese on it too! I am actually getting hungry now. And for those that know me you know that I can't get through a day without my coffee. My seven year old always says "Coffee is your power source Mom!"

And of course this next one tells you why I am always on a diet. This too is true!

I really enjoy Maxine. Hope you did too. It is hard getting old, lol.

2 nice people left a comment:

dasimonds said...

"Yes"...I Love Maxine too...and that great sense of humor!
Thanks for sharing.

Tex said...

It's worse than 'hard' getting old ... and I LOVE Maxine!! LOL