Monday, September 17, 2007

A Rose is a Rose.......

That may be true in some instances but not this time. This card is created by one of the nicest, kindest, most generous, and extremely talented woman I know, her name is Rose Kerry. I had the honor of meeting her last year at a mini retreat that I went on with a group of wonderful women from a private swap group I belong to. Any way, I missed out on a swap that I wanted to be in because of my own stupidity -- I forgot to mail them! -- so when Rose found out she sent me one of her swap cards anyway. And let me tell you, if you ever see her name on a swap list you better join up. I have never swapped with any one quite like her. She is meticulous with her creations -- never tones her cards down because it is a swap--but instead kicks them up a notch with one more layer or one more piece of hodgepodge or one more item embossed and cut out. After receiving this card I asked her if she would mind if I posted it on here since I think it is beautiful-- and are you ready for this -- she does not have a blog of her own -- YET. Check it out and feel free to leave her a comment on here since she subscribes to my blog so she will see it. Maybe if enough of us post she will start her own blog. I will have to get permission to post the outstanding paperbag book she made for all of us on our little get away! Way over the top! So with no further a-do....... her card.

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rozie640 said...

OH MY GOSH, Mary Jo, this was better than going to my own funeral where people HAVE to say something NICE about you. Aren't you just a sweet heart. I've been have a few blue weeks lately and seeing my card on your blog and reading your loving & kind words meant so much at a time like this!!!

When stamping for a 10+1 swap I always make 16 so I can have a few on hand for friends. Naturally when Mary Jo took the time to compliment me on mine I knew where one of my favorite pumpkin cards was going. I explained to MJ that that she was giving me the opportunity to Pay-it-Forward as I wanted a card from a fellow SSUS friend Marjie that I didn't get in a swap and she sent me one. Don't you just love stampers!!! As a community we are all the most loving, giving group of women I've had the pleasure to exchanges cards and life stories with, and I know a lot of people.

Thank you Mary Jo for making my day a lot brighter, I'll be smiling all day, no matter what the day brings. As you said, I check your blog everytime you post something and have been loving all that I see. Can't wait to see ya again at the Cape! Hope you're over your bug soon. Rose