Friday, July 18, 2008

Tagged, Awarded and Another Sketch player too!

I think I will start off sharing another sample for this weeks Monday Lunchtime sketch.

Dani at Dani gets Crafty

I was afraid if I put this at the end you would miss it!


I have been tagged!

As I say every time I get one of these -- I am so bad at this! I have been tagged (quite a while ago if I may add) by Brenda over at Memories by Brenda and by Kerry at Three Clover Designs. I am sure you guys have been to her blog before since she often plays along with my weekly challenges but I think you would enjoy another look at the rest of her blog too. She is quite a talented lady and she has been an inspiration to me many times.

This is the part I always have a hard time with.....

7 random facts about me -- there are lots of things but not much too interesting but here it goes

1. I love to camp and I will be spending 4 days and 3 nights with my son and our Cub Scout pack at Camp Scouthaven this week! I remember my first time going -- I was thinking this is going to be horrible-- tent camping with mostly men and boys -- YIKES! But it was absolutely awesome. I got to spend some real quality time with my son with no computer, phone, tv or any other distractions. They do a wonderful job of keeping things running smoothly and it really was fun! I can't wait only 4 more days!

2. I sing on my praise team at my church. This is such an awesome experience. I remember when it first started I thought it was great but it did not feel like I was at church. Most of the service is contemporary praise (like the music on my blog). I remember feeling like I had to stay for the next service because as much fun as it was it didn't feel right. Well now I feel the complete opposite! I don't feel like I was able to connect with the Lord if I am at a regular service. The praise service is just that PRAISE and it is awesome!

3. I hate to wear shoes. I am almost always bare footed. Which by the way explains how rough my feet are because it is not good for the skin, lol. Of course since I live right outside of Buffalo, New York I have to wear shoes in the winter!

4. I love to eat! This is horrible and if I don't watch it I could just become as big as a house! I so miss the days when I could just eat what ever I wanted and not worry -- I almost don't even remember them they are so long ago. I can eat more than most men I know. My favorite types of food are appetizers. I don't think I ever go out to dinner without ordering at least one.

5. I am very unorganized. I would love to hear any solutions you may have for this one. I am the absolute worst. I have piles of stuff everywhere. The worst part of being unorganized is the amount of time wasted in any given week looking for things! Very frustrating but I can not seem to figure out how to get organized. If I could afford it I would pay someone to come in and just get rid of all my "stuff" and leave me with the bare essentials and a bunch of ideas of how to keep it that way. Of course I don't want that person to even know where my studio is, lol. I want ALL that "stuff" to be left alone.

6 I always wanted to have 10 kids. I only have one and he truly is wonderful -- I always tell him that he is an only child because he was my best and there was no sense trying any more. I had three miscarriages before him and was on bed rest the last few months of my pregnancy with him. He is happy that he is an only child.. he is spoiled rotten. But I fear he will not be so happy about it when he is older and has no family. I hope he marries into a big family that spend time together all the time.

7 -- Finally -- I doubt many of you are still with me this far into it but if you are I will make this one fast -- I love to sleep! I can fall a sleep anywhere. I can even get up have two or three cups of coffee and go right back to bed. I don't get much sleep due to having too full of a schedule but if I could I would nap everyday and get a full 10 hrs a night. Yea right!

OK now I need pick 7 more people who will have to try to think of 7 random things about themselves. How about.........

Wanda at My Creative Corner
She is also the one who gave me the award below.

The rest of the people will be people that play along in my sketch challenges that I don't know too much about -- this will help me get to know them better!

Dani at Dani Gets Crafty
Dani has some adorable cards on her blog. She is also featured at the top of this post as the latest sketch challenge player.

Gina at the Art of Inking

Hetty at Craft Chaos

Karen at Krafting with Karen

Kelly at Girls Just Want To Have Stamps


LeAnne at Wee Inklings

I am excited to learn more about you guys.

Now believe it or not I have also been awarded by Wanda at My Creative Corner. That is such an appropriate name for her blog because she is so creative. I have more than once cased ideas from her. Take a minute to check her blog out. Thanks for the honor Wanda!

The rules for this award are as follows: 1) The winner can post the logo on her blog. 2) Link the person you received your award from. 3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4) Put links of those blogs on yours. 5) Leave a message on the blogs you've nominated. So the 7 I am going to nominate are:

All of these people are not only friends but wonderful artists! Get some coffee and be inspired!

Charlotte at Charlotte's Web

Holly at Toyzhaven
she has a Friday sketch challenge too!

Claudia at Stamping in Columbus GA.

Lori at Inking Aloud

Kerry at Three Clove Designs.

who also tagged me.

Barbara at Barb's Stamping Spot

Lisa at Splendiferous Creations

(now we all know Lisa does not like these things but I had to nominate here since she is a friend and is very talented--don't feel obligated Lisa--no pressure, lol)

Whew! Now I know why I put this off for so long. That was way too long. Hope you have a great day -- I am hoping to still have time left to stamp, lol. See ya tomorrow!

3 nice people left a comment:

Holly aka Toy said...

Thanks so much for the 'tag'! I laughed when I read your 7 things.. we are still alot alike! The 10 kids thing, though...nah! Four is way too many! (for me) LOL

Now I need to think of 7 things about me?! Whoa..

Peace and blessings, sistah!

Alexandra said...

Fun reading!! I love Dani, it was nice to see her showcased!! I have to tell you, I love coming to your blog because the music makes me feel so good - I am new to my area and need to find a church here that makes me feel this way!!! Thanks so much for sharing! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Stacy said...

Mary Jo, loved reading your 7 random things! We're alot alike on several of them ... I sing on the praise team at my church, I hate wearing shoes, and I wanted ... well, not ten kids, but a lot. And I only have one, and I've told him the same thing, that I got the best first, so I didn't think we needed to "tempt fate" as it were (although I don't believe in "fate", of course). And he loves being the only, and I worry that he'll regret it when he's an adult.

However, I am NOT the camping type! So I'll just let you have that one to yourself! lol

Your blog remains one of my very favorites -- I'm glad God has blessed you with writing it and me with reading it!