Monday, July 28, 2008

Yikes am I late! Final Sketch Players for Sketch 27

So camping was a riot. Although we got really wet and really muddy. Unfortunately I have had a migraine since returning and that is why I am so far behind on this. I have been taking all sorts of things but so far only slight relief. This is not an easy task with a migraine but I will do my best.

Here are the last samples for sketch 27........

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Stacy said...

Mary Jo, I TOTALLY understand about those stinkin' migraines. I get them, too, and I hear where you're coming from on trying to find the med that will kill it. Sometimes one works, sometimes it's another, and sometimes none of them do. I truly hope you'll get over this one quickly! Now, get away from the computer and go lie down in a dark room!!!