Saturday, August 2, 2008

My blog spam??? What the heck is that and more wonderful samples for this weeks sketch challenge.

So I was lucky enough to be one of the blog that blogger picked mistakenly to be spam. Seems there were quite a few of us locked out of our own blogs. Frustrating and I was already so far behind because of camping and then that silly migraine! But I have decided I am not going to stress over it since a still have so much to do for our church picnic and then VBS all of next week. So instead of trying to catch up I am starting over from here. I will just start fresh with my Monday Lunchtime Sketch Challenge and get back on track from there provided there are no more crazy distractions, lol! So please take a moment to check out these wonderful samples for this weeks challenge and excuse the lack of creations from me!

Liz at Lis's Lovelies

Pat at The Eagles Nest

Hetty at Craft Chaos

Marti at Pez-A-Doodle Designs

Thanks ladies, great job on all the cards. There were quite a few images used I have never seen, that is always fun. I am off to bed sorry again for being so far behind.

2 nice people left a comment:

Anonymous said...

It happened to me, too MJ. I was freakin' out! Luckily it only took an evening and it was unlocked. I sure that doesn't happen again.

Glad to see your able to post again :).

Anonymous said...

ehh. bookmarked style