Thursday, October 8, 2009

Super Set Sampler Challenge #3

Ok, I know I am late! Stuff just keeps happening, lol. First we had two deaths at church and I am the Funeral Luncheon Director, then a storm knocked out my power for most of yesterday. Trees down, power line down, you know all that fun stuff. Add to the the CROP hunger walk that I am the Orchard Park Coordinator for, being sick, and kids having half a day of school, clubs, workshops--yada yada yada. The good news is I do finally have samples of this week's set. The bad news is that I do not have time to post details --I will come back in on the weekend sometime to edit so if you have questions come on back after that. Or just shoot me an e-mail.

If you would card to donate to help fight hunger I would truly appreciate! And you will be in a drawing for a huge box of Stampin Up! merchandise. You can click here to donate!

I will also have to come back to do a re-cap for last week's challenge--and post the winner.

This week's featured set is the Sweet Centers Set.

I have a few samples --as I said above no time for details though.

This one does not use the set but it does use the cups that go with the set,lol

Welcome to week number 3 of this Brand New Challenge!

Come on and play along!

I am so excited about this new challenge! It will be so fun to have tons of 100% current samples shown by set. Don't you think? Here is the basic idea of the challenge. The challenge will be called Technostamper's Super Set Sampler Challenge (T3SC3). In honor of my love of Stampin Up stamps I will be doing this new challenge. The idea is that each week I will pick a set and make two cards with the set to start us off and hopefully inspire you to use the set too. I realize that you will not own all the sets that I do but you will get tons of fabulous ideas to share with your friends/customers. And of course you may fall in love with the set and realize you HAVE to have it! So I hope that you will play along on week's that you have the featured set, and visit on week's that you don't. Soon we will have so many wonderful ideas to use with our sets. The catch to this is that ALL SAMPLES MUST BE 100% CURRENT STAMPIN UP! SAMPLES. It is a challenge after all but I know you are all up for it. Are you in? I will be giving a $5 voucher each week for SU product --redeemable through me. You can accumulate them up to $25 before spending. So you will want to play as often as you can to earn lots of free stuff of your choice.

To be eligible to win the gift voucher you must do the following....

  1. Use 100% current Stampin Up products (if it is current by you and not in the US you will need to state that in your post.
  3. Post a direct link to your sample on Mister Linky below
  4. Post by midnight Tues. night. (EST.)
  5. The sample does NOT have to be stamped now it can be one you already have done.
I will do a re-cap of all of the samples and announce the winner right before I post the new challenge. The links will be kept open though so you can add to them any time you want--you just will not be in the contest if you are after the deadline. For this week--T3SC3 challenge we are going to use ......the Sweet Centers set.

I will be back as soon as I can!
Mary Jo

2 nice people left a comment:

Juliana said...

This set is growing on me! I didn't design the card I linked, but I did make it at Tina Rosenkranz' Fall Fest extravaganza.

Lorie said...

Oh, bummer...I don't have this set either! I can't wait to see what everyone does with it though!