Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What your teacher is a male???!!!

My son has a male teacher this year for the first time ever!  He is so excited but I keep thinking what the heck do I make for all the little gifts I send in every year, lol!  So I started off basic with a set of note cards.  I used the circle punches on this and retired paper since I thought it fit the male theme I was looking for.  I have a bunch of these clear boxes so I made an insert to hold the cards and have extras spots for extras--pen and kudos bar.  If you have any ideas on what to make for male teachers, please share them by commenting on this post! 

Hope he likes it.  Have a great day, I am off to find out how today went at school, day two!

Mary Jo

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mary.schultz said...

I'm very excited to hear everyone's answers! My son also has a male teacher this year; on a team of one male and two female teachers. For the first day of school I found the cutest idea Connie Babbert shared (1 of her cust's made) - take a package of Mentos, attached a Rolo at one end and a Hersey's Kiss at the other, then wrapped just the Mentos part in yellow cardstock that she creased every 1/4" or so. They looked like thick pencils! Tie a ribbon with a tag around the middle, so cute and yummy, too!

KreatesKards said...

Post it Note covers, altered notebooks, altered ink pens. Here's some links that may be of help from my blog:

Hope this helps. Enjoy your blog.