Saturday, June 28, 2008


What, how sweet is that. Amy over at Partners in Crimp nominated me for this award. Amy has a wonderful blog that is bursting with inspiration. Go check it out and let her know I sent you.

I guess the rules are to nominate two of your favorite bloggers. This is always so tough for me at sometimes I just bow out and nominate my readers -- I know, pretty lame. So I will think of two bloggers that I love that have not been awarded yet.......

Amy at Pickled Paper Designs

Amy has a great fun style and I love her creations. And she is on the design team for my Daily Bread -- you all know I love that stamp company --she rocks with these stamps!

and let's see how about......

Leigh O'Brien at the Sunflower Studio

Leigh also has a super fun style and uses lots of bright colors that I love. Here designs always have so many wonderful details on the. So go on over and give her a little lovin by leaving comments.

I could go on forever since the talent out there is incredible but then I would not get any stampin done myself and that would be oh so BAD for all around me, I get cranky without my fix, lol!

By the way, it is raining here again for like the bazillionth day in a row -- I am gonna have to find a way to hook up sun lamps over my garden -- what the heck!

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