Wednesday, February 15, 2012

OK Smartie Pants are you feeling the love now?!

Hope you had a great Valentines day. I did. My hubby bought me the most beautiful roses! Actually this is the second time in eight days. Our anniversary was on the 6th--14 years and this is what I came home to....They were the most beautiful shade of pink I have ever seen.  Almost purple.  Loved them.  Then yesterday I got these beautiful red roses!  Can't decide which are prettier?  So yes, I am feeling the love, lol. 

Since we are talking about love and Valentines day I thought I would share the Valentines my son took to school this year.  They are the cutest little underwear boxes with hearts.  I added a strip across the top with the words smartie pants!  They are filled with smarties.  I used my bunny pants tutorial and just made them smaller.  Fun--although I was complaining about why I chose these when I was only half way done!  But the finished project was really cute.  I am just not one to re-do the same thing over and over and over--one time and then lets move on!  And the funny part is I just made wedding invites which of course were the same thing over and over again!  So I am done with that type of stamping for a while--although I was thinking I should make baby announcements for my niece???????    Anyway here are the Valentines ready to go to school with my son.....aren't they cute?

Hope you have a great day! Thanks for visiting my blog today.
Mary Jo

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Patrice H said...

I bet your home smells wonderful! The Roses are just beautiful. Aw Love is in the air! Cute goodies for your sons class too! I'll be back for the sketch sketch challenge too!

CLOcards said...

NICE roses! I had lavender roses in my wedding - my favorite! And they smell SO good!

Do you have directions for your Smartie Pants treat boxes?

Jonia said...

Mary Jo, these are the cutest! I was wondering what did he think of these! Too Cuuuuute!!!!!

Carol Carriveau said...

Fabulous flowere, congratulations on your anniversary. Very cute Valentines!