Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've been tagged.

I am so bad at this type of stuff. I was tagged on Monday and forgot about it. (which actually reminded me that I was tagged a while ago and never did it - sorry, I can't find it now) but I will play along this time. I was tagged by Tobi. Here it is....

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Managing a bar/restaurant.
2. I Living in a cute condo with my best girlfriend, Stephanie.n school to be a makeup artist for TV/film.
3. Gigging almost every night. (Doing my jazz piano/voice thing)
4. Dating.... A lot.. hahaha
5. Smoking.. Boo...

Five things on my to do list today:
1. Make a cake for my son (it is his official birthday today)
2. Clean this house -- before I go into my studio -- or maybe I could just make one card and then clean before I do any more??? Or maybe I could just clean tomorrow and stamp all day today -- YIKES, that is how this mess started in the first place, lol!
3. Process a couple of orders I have on my desk (Stampin Up)
4. Read to the kids in my son's class
5. Drink more coffee! I know there are other more important things but without this I can't think of what they are, teehee.

Five things I will do when I am a millionaire:
1. Pay off all my mom's bills so she can just enjoy her life without thinking about what she can and can not afford.
2. Build a huge youth center near my church for all the kids. (this is a goal of our church)
3. Get a maid.
4. Buy a new house.
5. Buy a mobile home so I can travel with my family and visit all the family and friends that have moved away from us.

Five things I will never wear again:
1. Mini Skits
2. Tube tops
3. wedding dress
4 .short shorts
5. Wool -- it itches!

Five of my favorite toys:
1. My stamps
2. My computer
3. My camera
4. My keyboard (music not computer)
5. My iPod.

My five banes of existence:
1. Laundry... Does it EVER end?????????? AMEN to this one.
2. Picking up after others.
3. Dishes
4. Homework fights with my son
5. Rushing around all day everyday.

Tagging 5 Fabulous Fellow Bloggers:
This is the part that keeps me from playing this game, I don't want to post links to blogs and make them feel obligated to play so I thought I would leave this open to all of you. If you wish to play along let me know and I will edit to post your link here. There are many of you I would love to get to know better! Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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