Monday, February 25, 2008

Techno-Takeout Winner!

Is this cake not the best looking cake you ever seen. It actually made me cry. See we really don't ever do anything to celebrate my birthday so I was so excited to see this beautiful cake that my 8 year old son made by himself. I was not allowed in the kitchen except to put the cake in the oven and take it out of the oven. He did such a fabulous job and even put my age on there -- hence the guessing game for this Techno Take-Out. I knew I had to share this cake with you guys so figured I might as well make a game of it.

Since no one guess right I just picked a number with the random number generator and this is the winner....number 14.......

stampin_melissa said...

Well, my guess is going to be close to my own age, I say 42??

You were so close too. Congratulations Melissa!
e-mail me with your address.

3 nice people left a comment:

dasimonds said...

"A Cake from the Heart"
very nice gift from an 8 yr.old son!!....GOOD JOB!!!

"Happy Birthday"

Stampin_Melissa said...

Thanks so much Mary Jo for your generosity! What a precious son you have to work so hard to make you a wonderful birthday cake! Give him an extra big hug!

Anonymous said...

BRAVO, young man! Your mommy is a lucky lady.