Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Last Chance Items--and a Color refresh! Get your copy of the new catalog.......

I am so excited about this years color refresh!  It has been a long long time since we changed it up a bit.  Not only are the colors (some of them) changing up but they ink and pads are re-designed!  I can not wait to get my hands on these new pads!

As we know when things change it is always a good thing--but also a sad thing.  The color refresh means we have to say good bye to some colors we have loved and used for so long.  And these colors are only available while supplies last....

THAT MEANS YOU NEED TO GET YOUR PAPER--INK--AND REFILLS before they are gone.  These are the colors that will be retiring.

(all orders placed via e-mail or personal message  this month  will receive a FREE copy of the NEW catalog and other freebies too--so be sure to send that order to me directly for the extra perks!)

All I can say about his is---I am feeling sad that many of these are my favorites!  But wait until you see the new colors--they are BEAUTIFUL!

And for those of you who have always struggled with the design of our ink pads--guess what--they are being redesigned too! 

What’s better about the case?
We wanted the new case to:  
  • Be less confusing to open. Opening the new ink pad case is now more simple and intuitive—just insert your thumb in the lip at the front of the case and lift it to open.
  • Have a tighter fit between the lid and the base. With the new design, the lid doesn’t accidentally become disconnected, which was a common problem with the old case style. With use, the lid will be easier to slide open and close.
  • Be stackable. The ability to stack the cases makes them easier to store and transport. We designed a nub in each bottom corner that fits nicely into the dimple on the top of another case. Tip: Removing the label stickers from the bottom of the case (after applying the needed labels to the case) also makes the ink pads stack a little better.
  • Include improved labels and stickers. Here are a few of the ways we’ve done that:
    • The top label now has a cleaner, bolder design and a larger color swatch, making it easier to see the ink’s color.
    • The stickers include a new In Color icon.
    • We’ve continued to provide color stickers that can be placed on the end of each case to easily identify the ink’s color at a glance.
    • We’re introducing a new color sticker you can place on the inside of the case, so you can easily distinguish the ink’s color when the case is open.
Here is a chart to help you when ordering retiring color products...

As if this is not enough--here is a link to the retiring stamp sets too!  Click links below to see each category of retiring products.

Pretty overwhelming---I KNOW!

Take your time--look it over and then be sure to send me your order via email or personal message to be sure to get all the extra freebies I will be sending you as a thank you!

Hint--the new catalog is one of the FREEBIES
but just one!

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