Sunday, December 21, 2008

Very late Blogger's Challenge!

So between this crazy weather, the schools being closed, the holidays and a few other things I won't bore you with I am very late with this challenge. Remember we post them on Fridays, I know it is Sunday-but as they say, better late than never. (I really HATE being late!).

The challenge was to use non-traditional colors for a Christmas card. Well it just so happens that I needed to make a few cards for our wonderful leaders on our Praise team. So why not use the blogger's challenge for these. The tricky part was that I wanted a card that would hold more than one gift card and maybe even some money AND have lots of space for everyone to sign. Plus I had only 1 hour start to finish! YIKES. I have to admit I am pretty happy with the results although they are much simpler than I probably would have made them if I had more time.

The first one is for our Leader/Piano player. I usually try to incorporate some type of fishing them to his cards but I thought this might be cute for a change. This is the cover...

There are actaully two holders in this one.

The first flap holds two Starbucks gift cards and has lots a big spot to write.

The middle between the two holders is another small spot to write.

And the bottom flap which holds cash also has a large spot to write. So we can all leave a little message.

The second one is for our main leader. She only has one flap in the middle of her's to hold two gift cards. And both sides have spots to write our messages. She collects snowmen so I tried to use those each year. There were ten of us that chipped in so there are ten snowmen!

Here are the inside shots of hers.

I used a bunch of left over stickers from an old holiday scrapbook kit on both.

Both of these gift cards holders are 8 1/2 by 3. I had to use the little clips on the bottoms to be sure the cards didn't fall out. They fit pretty good but wanted to be sure. I did not put them in envelopes, although I believe they would fit in a normal legal envelope.

I willl try to post a step by step tutorial tomorrow for these.

11 nice people left a comment:

Lisa Bohler said...

What adorable gift card holders! I'll look forward to the tutorial!

I pray that you and your family have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Very cute! Great job!

Connie said...

Both these are very cute and I'm sure the recipients will LOVE them!

Janna said...

These are just adorable!!! I love the tinsil on the first card!! Can't wait for the tutorial!!

Happy Holidays!!!


Lynn Mercurio said...

Oh these are both just fabulous. I love that you personalized each card according to their likes and interest. What wonderful ways to show your appreciation. Awesome job on the challenge.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Lisa Somerville said...

Cute gift card holders MJ! I'm sure they'll love them.

Sheryl said...

Great gift card holders! Love the piano one--such a cute image.

Lori said...

These are both adorable, Mary Jo! I'm sure the recipients will be thrilled with them.

Robin Merriman said...

These are great MaryJo! TFS and have a Merry Christmas!

Ida P. Krause said...

These are very cute. Love that Piano image.

Merry Christmas!

Chrissy D said...

You were late in posting this and I am late in going back through commenting! LOL So between the two of us - we are very timely. :) These are all fabulous! Great gifts I am sure everyone appreciated! Love this idea! TFS!