Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finger Football? How cute is this little game.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I am on day two of a migraine! At least the nausea has subsided, now if I can see straight enough to type without too many typos, lol. I have lots to share but will start with this and next will be more sketch players.

What do you think of this little game I made for my son to play around with. Isn't it cute? I used the First and Goal set from SUInk.

It was incredibly hard to get a clear picture because of the size of it. The football is glued onto a dime and then has crystal effects on it so that it will take the flicking without getting damaged. We had lots of fun playing it but now it is too easy so he is bored already. Of course that even happens with his $50 Wii Games! Ahh, to be eight again, lol.

Sorry for the lack of details but I am waiting on my meds to kick in, lol.